Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Weekday Musings :: May 4-8, 2009

• When someone tells you they have fleas, you immediately get itchy and rethink future visits. I have other friends with spare rooms, thanks!
• Trying to decide whether to obsess over my lawn or the ant armies circling the perimeter
• Horoscope says: In your home, try to impose discipline, otherwise you'll be the first to regret your free-and-easy attitude. Mwahhhaaahahhaaa. Look out O. No more Mrs. Nice Guy! Sure. Just one more cookie.
• Just knew the neighbours would make their way over to 'chat' once they saw my cute blonde handy-man working on my front steps and not He Who Shall Not Be Named.
• Was at grocery store looking at fish oil trying to remember what I read and why I had added it to my shopping list... It helps ADD and memory. Must remember to put back on list.
• Hey, if you don't want your ex, I probably don't either. Thanks for the thought though.
• Giving a 20 mo. old a sucker and then forgetting he has it as he walks around leaving sticky gobs of drool everywhere is uh, not so smart.

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Haley-O said...

Mwhahaha! I love "he who shall not be named" -- what is that, hwsnbn.... Catchy! ;)