Monday, July 16, 2012

From the Mouths of Boys

Woman to Mr 4: You have the longest, most beautiful eyelashes I have ever seen!
Emmett: Ya, I know that, that's what everyone says.
Me from across the way: Emmett, just say thank you!!
Note: Work on gracious thank you manners.

Mr 4: Mommy, I love you more than.... No Frills!

Mr 4 was counting. One Mister Sippy... Two Mister Sippy... Three Mister Sippy... Four... Etc.
--Ha. Mississippi, silly.

Mr 7: Mom?
Mr 7: Are they finished building Toronto yet?
--No. Why?
Mr 7: Cause it looks full and if they keep building I think everything will fall down.

Mr 7: If it weren't for you, Mom, I'd be living in Hollywood!

Mr 7: Mommy! The cops are coming and if they catch up to you, they're going to give you a ticket!

Mr 4: Mommy I love you more than....pop floats!

No boys, I really don't think that boy's name is Germy. I'm pretty sure his Mom named him Jeremy. Can we stop debating this now?

Mr 7: I want to get a tattoo with a skull and 'abomination' written underneath.
Dude, you're 7. No way.

Mr 4: We live in Oh Canada, right Mommy?
--No, it's just Canada.
Mr 4: But we sing "Oh Canada, our home and natured land..."

Mr 4 insists our car is a Toy Yoda.
--Yep. Sounds way cooler!

Random Musings

Did you know it takes about 30 seconds to nicely toast marshmallows on a gas stove!? Did you know I have a major sweet tooth?

Pulling 50 extra pounds of non-stop jabbering 4yo behind you on your bike counts both at a physical and mental workout!!

Truth be told, sitting around in your work out clothes does not actually count as working out. Sadly.

Pulling all your beach crap across the sand in a sled is brilliant and people look at you like you've just unlocked the Caramilk secret!

Falling off your scooter while trying to keep up with kids at the park will produce a bit of a cool 'war wound'. Already got a "oh cool" after saying how I got this hideous gash! Small consolation.

Telling your 7yo that he's going to a week of video game camp and watching his face light up like Times Square is kinda fun. In a mean "Mom that's NOT funny" way.

I spend way too much time choosing event colours on my Google calendar so it looks pretty. Once a design nerd, always a design nerd!

After a sweaty ride up the escarpment I was making up delirious metaphors. The best hills are the ones you don't realize you're climbing.

Those social readers that track what you/friends read are entertaining. Heh. Really, huh? Reading 5 articles the Huffington Post Divorce site the same month you got married. Research?

If you try on a pair of shoes 3 times over a month. You should definitely buy them! Finally.

Paid $5 for a quart of local strawberries... and then ate them all myself. Just because.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

From the Mouths of Boys

Apparently I “Scared the Jesus” out of my 4yo. Didn't even know he was in there!
He keeps saying it all the time. Ha.

My 7yo asked me if the Muppets were in Black and White when I was little. Oy. And were the movies I watch acted out on a stage? Oh man.

Some of you may know the bathroom expression going to “drop the kids at the pool”... very popular with the boys. Mr 4 had an upset stomach one day and proclaimed he dropped 2 cannons off at the pool. BOOM!

We love to play “I love you more than...” Mr 4: I love you more than chocolate cake with iPhones on top.

If you give a boy a new bike lock that he gets to choose the password using a 4 letter word.... how easy do you think it would be to guess it? FART it is.

Mr 4: All the time...
Do you know why I love you? Because you give me ice cream.
Do you know why I love you? Because you make my lunch.
Do you know why I love you? Because you are beautiful.

Mr 7: When I grow up I'm gonna own a tattoo store. It's going to be called The Tattoo Soldiers. (Oy)

Mr 7: I’m gonna take showers from now on. I don’t like sitting in my own filth.

So glad it’s Summery out now. Now when Mr 4 asks (everyday) “Is it summer yet?” I can finally say “OMIGAWD, YES!!”

Random Musings/Things I've learned AKA: Bad Blogger

Okay, this is crazy that I haven't posted since October. What are my excuses you ask? Well... um, not that I am uninspired but I seem to always need to do one more thing first and then there goes the day/week/month.... so bad. Not that I have a massive audience or anything (Hi!) but mostly I would love to have a record of all the funny things my kids say. It's daily. I really should be keeping better track. They make me laugh every day. Well mostly. Some days I want to tear my hair out but most days, funny kids.

This is me pledging to mark my calendar and write at least once every two weeks. I do copy down the funny things (sorta) which is why I can post a bunch at the same time... of course Twitter and Facebook get the best stuff as it happens. I guess I like instant gratification. Guilty!!

What have I learned lately?

Lawn tools that plug in and are sharp are just a really bad idea for me.

I am most productive when I am my busiest. Not so busy... hello internet, wow I didn't know you could do that!! hey! Did you see this!?

I am sure every Mother would agree but how it it kids can be up so early on the weekends yet school days you need to wake them. It's only gong to get worse as they get older I'm sure.

All things in life... When it rains, it pours!

I started this blog and titles were 'Out of the mouth of a 4 year old' Now it's out of the Mouths of Boys... 4.5 and 7.5. Wow.

I may never catch up on my To Do list. Pinterest tells me that's ok.

Bad Blogger

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

From the mouths of babes...

I guess I should change the title to ... mouths of BOYS. Now that I have an almost 7yo and Mr 3 is 4 now!!

Again, so many notable things that happen at that moment go on Twitter or Facebook and to me are lost... I really need to keep writing again rather than sift through 17,600+ tweets and endless status updates!

Mr 3: I love you more than chocolate cake with iPhones on top.

You're a bad Mama to yourself but a good Mama to me! (This is when I take them to McD's or something and I say I'm a bad Mom for not cooking them a homemade meal or buying them another Slurpee)

Mr 6-This child-proof lid is really hard to open!

Mr 3: I all done, I don't want to get fat. (Where does this stuff come from!? Not ME! Never.)

Owen is currently starring as 'The Boy Who Cried 'Tooth!'.
"My tooth fell out!" I run over "No it didn't!"
Then "My tooth fall came out eating my apple! Ahhh, no it didn't! My tooth fell out into the bath!"
Really!? Gets Toonie ready..."Yes! Aaahh just joking!"
All day long. I'm pulling it out myself if he tries that tomorrow!

Mr3: You smell like a bunny.
Me: what does a bunny smell like?
Mr3: Chocolate!

Mr 6-cool dudes don't throw garbage
Mr 4-I'm a bad dude
Mr 6-He's gonna be a robber when he grows up.

First day of school, Mr 6 looking in the mirror: You're right Mommy, I do look good!

First day of JK:
-What did you learn today in kindergarten?
-Mr 4-I learned we don't get lunch

Mr 4-Owen says you die when you get old!!!!!!
Mr 6-You realize Grandma is 100 and she's not dead. (Don't tell my Mom!)

Mr 4-I have 2 stomachs. One for food and one for dessert.

Mr 4 as he watched his brother stub his toe on the table: 'Oooh that's gotta hurt'

Mr 6: I call that hockey team the Pipsqeek Penguins.

Me: Why are the lights on dim?
Mr 6: I like to pretend we're eating at a restaurant. They serve good meals here!
Me: You'd better tip your waitress well!

Your 4yo that decides to have a sword fight with the guy on TV… happy. Mom not happy with scratched TV screen!

Random Musings/Things I've learned

First of all can I say HOLY COW it's been a long long while. So much going on always and this space is completely neglected. Funny thing, instead of writing it down now, I Tweet it of make a Facebook status update about funny things that happen. And now you can download a history of Tweets and Facebook status updates... you know... or the grandkids one day! Someone asked if I could start writing again, that they missed my blog. Sweetest comment ever! I have a reader!! :)

I have learned so many things lately... especially with moving house, contractors, renovations etc. Sadly not really funny stuff. Let's keep it light, shall we??

When you need to really get up at a certain time, not just 'before the school bell rings', it's best to set phone alarm & hide across room. Much more effective than it ending up under your pillow or in the hands of a certain 3yo downstairs. Tah dah! Good morning! (Yes I sleep with my Phone. Don't judge)

Never attempt level 3 of a workout video when you are clearly not ready just because you're bored of the instructors level 2 outfit.

Staying up till 3am weeknights makes for a grumpy morning Mama.

Figured out how to make 5lbs feel like 1lb. Do first set with a 10lb one.

Aaahhh the joy of adding random things to my 'To Do' list just so I could cross them off. That's so much fun! Forget cheque for bank, check! Shop without list, check! Not do laundry, check!

Happiness isn't something you chase, it's something you are. Thanks Jane Porter!

If a tree falls in the forest does anybody hear? If you Tweet late at night does anybody read?

And it's late and I have work to do as usual but I posted... that's what counts, right?

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Random Musings/Things I've learned

Put on my glasses (apparently my optometrist says I don't need anymore)... O laughed and said I looked weird. I think bookish and smrt!

FYI: Don't fall asleep in bed with heated mattress pad with chocolate chips in your pocket!

I may actually make more mess baking than I do painting... But that's actually debatable.

Let the season of 'driving out of my way on a frigid cold day for full serve gas' begin! Last year it seemed I was filling up a lot. It was because I was only putting in gas till my hands got cold!! Never filled up!!

Discovered 5yo has some awesome headphones and that singing along too loudly wakes sleeping children in the back seat.

Was instructed we don't give Santa skim milk, we don't want him to get skinny. (If only that worked, says girls with fridge full of skim)

Hate when I open the snow covered car and half the snow gets sucked into the car and all over my seat. Is there a name for that?

FYI: Don't pop 4 horse-sized vitamins in your gob and think 'this is the day I'll swallow them with just one big chug of water.'