Wednesday, August 4, 2010

From the mouths of babes...

2yo, squishing blueberry... "applesauce!"

2yo: I want a candy breakfast!
-Apple does not fall far from the tree here!

5yo: You always get new stuff and I never get anything
-Yes, right. NEVER get anything!

5yo: I want a hug for a bedtime snack
-Oy the guilt!

5yo: Can I give you a massage?
-Can you!? Of course!

5yo: Wish i didn't had an oval head. Wish I had a round head like E.

5yo: Was there colour in pirate time?

Overheard from the next room: I just did a triple flip out of bed!

May have only uttered once...
5yo: Mommy come play with me, come on!
-Hey, that's why I had a brother for you, go play with him!

5yo: Love you more than chocolate cake with vanilla
-That is love!

-Eat the rest of your beans please.
5yo: Let's make a deal, kay mommy?
I don't eat them and I still get dessert. Deal?
-Uh, no!

5yo: Why are you always so bossy?
-Cause I'm the boss

5yo: When grandpa was a boy they wore boots when he played soccer. And they called it football. Know why? Cause you kick it with your foot. Why do we call it soccer?

5yo: I know what a ditch is. It's the side of the road. Did I tell you that already?

5yo: I want gummy feet so I can eat my own feet and they'll grow back and I can eat them again.
-me too!

Things I really shouldn't have to say!
• No cannonballs off the bed
• Get your hands out of your pudding!

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