Monday, October 11, 2010

Random Musings/Things I've learned

• I've learned if you claim to have a blog you should make time to update it. Staying up till all hours working is no excuse! Sorry to the thousands of readers and my fans. (Haha. Hello you!)

• A little sad that dressing funky retro 80's is fully for costume purposes only... yes, I still have my Howard Jones and Frankie Goes To Hollywood square pins!

• 5 yr-old said that I should just put a mini fridge in his room so he can get his own juice in the morning & let me sleep. I am clearly raising brilliant children!

• I sometimes wish I could take out my eyeballs and give them a good massage and invigorating bath of some sort.

• Cleaning a bottle of purple nail polish off bathroom floor is not as fun as it sounds!!

• Hard boiled eggs are a lot easier to clean up off the floor than regular ones... I'm taking a wild guess there.

• It's really hard to use a pencil sharpener after applying hand cream... must invest in electric sharpener.

• Tried the Dragon dictation App for my phone.
1st speaking test: "I think that it is a lovely day."
It typed up: I think they live in Milan freezing. (I'm just happy it was FREE!)

• Why do I feel the need to use the reusable bags from a particular store when I go there? I go to a few different ones and have 18 bags last time I checked!!

• Tip: When doing a kettle-bell exercise where there is swinging of weighs involved, do not do in front of TV... and hold on tight!

• I've learned that you have to watch your 3 yr-old or else he can accidentally pull down your top and flash your entire family if you're not careful. Egads!

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