Friday, May 8, 2009

Highlights from "My Notes about my very special Mommy" By Owen J., JK

This was a sheet Owen came home with for Mother's Day. And a petunia!! I'm assuming the teacher asked and wrote the answers...

  1. Your name is: Lindsay --Hey, shouldn't he know that's an e not an a?? Sheesh.
  2. Your best friend is: Grandpa --Aaaaw how cute. He is pretty cool.
  3. Your favourite colour is: Purple --Yep!
  4. Your favourite food is: All the food --Um, what is he trying to say here??
  5. Your favourite flower is: Tulip --Sure.
  6. Your favourite outdoor activity is: Lawnmower the grass, and I do some too. -- Yes we have fun 'lawnmowering the grass' with the push mower...
  7. Your favourite indoor activity is: She doesn't do anything all day --Okay am still laughing about this. At least he didn't say she is always on her computer or cleaning up!
  8. Your favourite TV show is: Thomas --Well, I think that might be HIS favourite!
  9. Your favourite thing to say to me is: I love you --This is true. I do say "Leave your brother alone!" quite a bit though!!

Aaaah, words from a 4-year-old. Endless amusement.

UPDATE: I asked O if he really thought I did NOTHING ALL DAY LONG (#7)
Here's what he said.
O--I was just joking... I wanted you to laugh. (Where does he get that from?!)
I asked "Did you tell your teacher you were joking?"
O--No I wanted it to be a secret. (laughing) Now I'm funnier than all my Grandpas.

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