Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Out of the mouth of a 5-year-old

In this picture O has on my shades and my 'sexy boots' as he likes to call them. We're fans of U2 around here.
O--I want to see the Sexy Boot guys again. I want to see Ronald. (Um, Bono, have I taught him nothing!?)

O--Can it be my birthday today?
O--Tomorrow? The next day?

--That's enough water!
O--I'm so thirsty the town won't have any water when I'm done.

O--Emmett is boring name. Let's change it to Emily.

--That's pretty neat Lego
O--It's not pretty, it's cool.

O--Look how I can bend backwards, my bones are rubber!

O--This drink is too fuzz.
--I think you mean fizzy.

December started off like this:
--You know, Santa's watching and I don't think he'd like that.
O--Oh ya I forgot and stops in his tracks.
Me, thinking the next few weeks will be a breeze.

Well the bad news was that O decided that he didn't care that Santa wouldn't be bringing him anything. Said he'd rather hit his brother. Damn. Thought I had that one in the bag.

Lucky for me a certain Bounce Back Racer convinced him to be good for the last 5 days. Well almost.

What I heard over and over: "But I don't know how to be good!"

--(Christmas Eve) So what should we write on this note to Santa?
O--How about what I want for next year...
--Well that would be getting a bit ahead of ourselves!

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Anonymous said...

you're raising pretty smart kids there! i'd totally write what i want for next year!