Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Random Musings

• New Year's resolution. Write on blog more. Start another one and not tell anyone I know...

• getting coffee ready the night before is smart. Waking up to a pot of hot water because you forgot to put grinds in, not so smart!

• Pretty sure my boys have a completely warped sense of time. Just a minute turns into 5 minutes and sometimes 10. This would explain why 5 yr old always asks... How long is 5 minutes? Is a minute up yet?

• You can enjoy random bedtimes when your kids can't tell time. What's that a yawn at 6:30pm? Bedtime!

• I really like Twitter but want a Twitter account with no friends/family or cute boys I'd date that read it. Would love to just not think every time I want to say something. It would be a lot more fun.

• Some people are totally anal about their white lights being the same at Christmas. LED vs old skool not matching. Inside and outside must be the same warm white. I swear I have some Martha in me.

• I had no idea how to spell foosball until I became Canadian Champion of Buffalo. You think there would be a Z in there. Just sayin.

• How cool to make up a word and get it 'published'!!??'
Something good had to come from a tough chewy Christmas bird!

• Probably best to hide all the gifts in one spot just in case you forget the other 'big' gift from Santa. Wondered why Santa was so stingy with just the one gift and the stocking.

• I need to make cards that say, Sorry I'm late but I got caught behind someone doing the speed limit.

• Oh, and never eat sushi rolls in the dark as you drive home cause you *might* eat a big gob of wasabi and not have any liquid near by. Cough cough.

Things I've learned.

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south africa?? :)