Sunday, December 19, 2010

From the mouths of babes...

O (Mr6): I just pretended to be sick yesterday cause I wanted to go home.
-Hmmm. You may regret telling me that!

E (Mr3)-My tummy says it don't want a carrot, it wants a cookie!

O to E: I know Santa Claus' first name! Nick!

O-How does Superman hide that big cape in his pants? Why is he wearing red girl boots?

O-Arnold the clown started this place, right mommy?
-Um, that would be Ronald.

-Hey, Mr Messy, clean up your toys.
E-I'm not Mr. Messy! I'm Emmett!

O-I'm not going to high school!
I want to get a job!
At the grocery store!
Because I like apples!

O- What was it like in the 70s?
-Um, that's when Mommy was a little girl!
I know! That's why I'm asking. Lots of farms??

Panicking child in the bathroom... quick thinking Mom remembers the blue pancake consumption the last few days!
-It's oookaaay!

E-What da heck!? Dats cool!

O-Did you know ladies really like chocolate? you're a lady, you like it. You wouldn't be a lady if you didn't like it!

O-(BDay boy)-Happy Birthday to me , I'm a hundred and three, I still go to preschool and I miss my Mommy. My Mommy's at work, she fired a jerk, she hired a monkey to do my homework.

O, after taking a bite of his drumstick: that tastes like a dog's butt cheek!

Mr5 wants an iPhone, Mr3 wants an "iPop Touch phone"from Santa.

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