Sunday, December 19, 2010

Random Musings/Things I've learned

Put on my glasses (apparently my optometrist says I don't need anymore)... O laughed and said I looked weird. I think bookish and smrt!

FYI: Don't fall asleep in bed with heated mattress pad with chocolate chips in your pocket!

I may actually make more mess baking than I do painting... But that's actually debatable.

Let the season of 'driving out of my way on a frigid cold day for full serve gas' begin! Last year it seemed I was filling up a lot. It was because I was only putting in gas till my hands got cold!! Never filled up!!

Discovered 5yo has some awesome headphones and that singing along too loudly wakes sleeping children in the back seat.

Was instructed we don't give Santa skim milk, we don't want him to get skinny. (If only that worked, says girls with fridge full of skim)

Hate when I open the snow covered car and half the snow gets sucked into the car and all over my seat. Is there a name for that?

FYI: Don't pop 4 horse-sized vitamins in your gob and think 'this is the day I'll swallow them with just one big chug of water.'