Monday, July 16, 2012

From the Mouths of Boys

Woman to Mr 4: You have the longest, most beautiful eyelashes I have ever seen!
Emmett: Ya, I know that, that's what everyone says.
Me from across the way: Emmett, just say thank you!!
Note: Work on gracious thank you manners.

Mr 4: Mommy, I love you more than.... No Frills!

Mr 4 was counting. One Mister Sippy... Two Mister Sippy... Three Mister Sippy... Four... Etc.
--Ha. Mississippi, silly.

Mr 7: Mom?
Mr 7: Are they finished building Toronto yet?
--No. Why?
Mr 7: Cause it looks full and if they keep building I think everything will fall down.

Mr 7: If it weren't for you, Mom, I'd be living in Hollywood!

Mr 7: Mommy! The cops are coming and if they catch up to you, they're going to give you a ticket!

Mr 4: Mommy I love you more than....pop floats!

No boys, I really don't think that boy's name is Germy. I'm pretty sure his Mom named him Jeremy. Can we stop debating this now?

Mr 7: I want to get a tattoo with a skull and 'abomination' written underneath.
Dude, you're 7. No way.

Mr 4: We live in Oh Canada, right Mommy?
--No, it's just Canada.
Mr 4: But we sing "Oh Canada, our home and natured land..."

Mr 4 insists our car is a Toy Yoda.
--Yep. Sounds way cooler!

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