Monday, July 16, 2012

Random Musings

Did you know it takes about 30 seconds to nicely toast marshmallows on a gas stove!? Did you know I have a major sweet tooth?

Pulling 50 extra pounds of non-stop jabbering 4yo behind you on your bike counts both at a physical and mental workout!!

Truth be told, sitting around in your work out clothes does not actually count as working out. Sadly.

Pulling all your beach crap across the sand in a sled is brilliant and people look at you like you've just unlocked the Caramilk secret!

Falling off your scooter while trying to keep up with kids at the park will produce a bit of a cool 'war wound'. Already got a "oh cool" after saying how I got this hideous gash! Small consolation.

Telling your 7yo that he's going to a week of video game camp and watching his face light up like Times Square is kinda fun. In a mean "Mom that's NOT funny" way.

I spend way too much time choosing event colours on my Google calendar so it looks pretty. Once a design nerd, always a design nerd!

After a sweaty ride up the escarpment I was making up delirious metaphors. The best hills are the ones you don't realize you're climbing.

Those social readers that track what you/friends read are entertaining. Heh. Really, huh? Reading 5 articles the Huffington Post Divorce site the same month you got married. Research?

If you try on a pair of shoes 3 times over a month. You should definitely buy them! Finally.

Paid $5 for a quart of local strawberries... and then ate them all myself. Just because.

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