Thursday, May 21, 2009

Weekday Musings :: May 18-22, 2009

• Toddler + couscous + peas = a sticky & messy situation. Never again...
• Spilling a quart of brown paint on your tile floor is sad... but not as sad as instinct to run and get camera before cleaning it up! I resisted.
• Very rarely does bashing something with a hammer fix it. But it sure is fun.
• I had no idea that every time they play Happy Birthday on TV or in a movie they have to pay Warner Music Group $20,000. Good thing they don't go after us little people. I'b be out a few gazillion bucks.
• Spending all the grocery money on plants makes a girl hungry.
• Love the 'drop in/over' but must remember to dress like Oprah's coming a knockin'.
• Why do bugs think I'm delicious?? Too many bananas? I know, I know, I'm sweet.
• Dang, why is my horoscope so accurate? My Chinese horoscope? Oh and my personality profile? Pegged me. Nothing to hide.
• Not having call display is so retro. Remember when you didn't know who was calling? Like 20 years ago? Right. Retro.
• Not recommending putting flip flops in dishwasher.

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Haley-O said...

Monkey calls flip flops "flipper flops." And, umm, I'd never put mine in the dishwasher! Not cuz I think it's gross but because I have a WASHING MACHINE.

And OMG, that PICTURE! OY! too cewt!