Friday, May 29, 2009

Weekday Musings :: May 25-29

• Not sure if I like tired crazy boys or a good well-rested crazy.
• When you take the garbage out at 1:30am and you're the only one 'putting out' then maybe it's not actually garbage day... yet.
• Letting The Boys eat crackers in your bed is never a good idea...
• Letting them eat crackers in their own beds is much less crummy... crumbly?
• Arguing with a 4-year-old is a no win situation.
• If a certain 1.5-year-old wants to eat crayon and paper who am I to stop him? Just because I don't like to chew wax... and paper does have lots of fibre.
• Just because it looks cold and rainy does not mean it feels cold & rainy... dress appropriately.
• Once the flip-flops come out for the season, the toes refuse to go back 'indoors'.
• I will repeat. No flip-flops in the dishwasher. Why I didn't think washing machine first I'll never know (See shirt above).
• Just because the bugs aren't biting in the 'country' does not mean the city bugs won't want to devour you.
• Having half a Red Bull at night and staying up till all hours makes you need one as you drag your butt out of bed.... last time I do that!

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