Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Weekday Musings :: June 1-5

• Watching E stuff chicken and peas into his toy yellow NYC cab and then remove and eat it was highly entertaining. Oh yes. No toys at the table!!
• Remembering grab camera first, clean up later! I'm a Blogger now. Thanks Hayley!
• Um, went a bit crazy with the scissors. Lots of new shorts and tees! Just have to dust off sewing machine. I've been scissor crazy since I was 6 when I cut all the hair off my dolls. In high school I used to cut all my long skirts short. My Mom looooved that trick.
• I love that E started lying sideways with his head on the floor when he plays with his cars and trucks... just to get down to their level... he keeps quiet for ages. Hmmm....maybe that's the part I love.
• Why do I do things again that I've said "Never again!" to... like serving E peas & couscous together... like giving him the crumbly cookies inside... like painting in my 'good' clothes. Why?
• I have a year and a half to train E to be a Ring Bearer. Fingers crossed.

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Michelle said...

It's okay - if E protests the day of I won't mind a bit. But he's not actually getting the rings - too high a risk of them being eaten!