Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Out of the mouth of a 4-year-old

-What would you like for breakfast?
O--Juice and broccoli

O--It smells like guinea pig in here. (Um... we don't have a guinea pig)

(Owen playing his 'video game'. Pretending a book is a DS or something... frantically wiggling his thumbs on it.)
O--I win I win. I shot you. Aaaah, I got shot by the cops.
-Brilliant use of imagination. *Sigh*

O--I have an idea. Let's not go outside for the summer. Too many bugs.
I swear he's a city kid.

O-- Emmett said he was going to marry you.
Wow, seeing as he doesn't talk that's quite a miracle.

O--You and Daddy are separated.
Yes we are. Did Daddy tell you that?
O--No. Hayden at school did.
Oh. Hmmm. Are you okay with that?

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