Saturday, June 13, 2009

Weekday Musings :: June 8-12

• Stopping at the Tim Hortons drive thru for a dinner of Timbits and chocolate milk on your way home gets you one more point toward that Mother Of The Year award I'm guessing.
• Really need to stop swallowing my gum. Hard to stop a lifetime habit.
• When you're 4, everything tastes better with ketchup.
• Before you get 3/4 through making a lentil salad, you should probably make sure you have lentils.
• You have to be careful what words you Google. Just saying is all.
• It's okay that my 4-yr-old know all the words to U2's 'Sexy Boots', right?
• Finding brown half-eaten apples left there by a mischievous 1.5-yr-old in your running shoes is always fun.
• My life is a dramedy. I think I'll just write a book and give people a copy instead of the constant updates. Tiring!!
• I'll use the advance money to call them from the beach in the Bahamas to see if they like it.

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