Saturday, June 13, 2009

Out of the mouth of a 4-year-old

O--I am a robot, I am a robot. I am a robot, I am a robot. I am a robot, I am a robot. I am a robot, I am a robot.

O--You always talk Mommy.
-Um. Yah.

O--You are a Yummy Mommy. What if I ate you because you're so yummy?

O--Is it okay if I have a nap now?
-Holy crap. Yes!!

O--Isn't Santa a great guy??

O--Do you mind if I call you 'Old Mommy?'
-Uh, yes I do!
O--Okay how about Yummy Mommy then?
-That will do.

-Where did you learn that? At school?
O--No, it was just in my brain.

O--What are you writing?? (as I jot down something funny he's said)
-Um, just the grocery list!

O--You know what my friends say to me? You talk to much.
-Mine too.
O--Then they tell me not to talk so much.
-Mine too.

O--Don't go blowing a gasket!

O--Brady was in a chat room and he got stuck in there... and so he ran real fast out the door.
-What's a chat room?
O--A room with people who chat.

O--My brother is a crayon...
-Should have asked him what colour

O--The world will catch on fire and burn if we throw garbage out the window!
Note: I didn't do this, someone in the car ahead did. How rude.

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Momma Sunshine said...

4 is such a fantastic age! Love it. :)