Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekday Musings :: June 15-19

• If you lie on the grass to soak in the glorious day and try to get a moment of peace, of course a certain wee boy will come running over and bounce repeatedly on your stomach.

• Four-year-old O got all shy, flushed and giggly when I mentioned his friend, that is a girl, was coming over... I teased him a wee bit and we were giggling like school girls. Starts so early!!

• Just because they fall asleep early at 7pm does not mean they'll sleep till 7am.

• If course I'd sprain my ankle . Of course. Slow down. I hear you.

• "Get you hand out of your Jell-o!" should not be something you have to say to a 4.5-yr-old.

• Attended my first live streaming bachelorette party (in Kentucky) and then the live wedding of a cool woman I found through a blog and also follow on Twitter. How cool is this social media stuff!?

• Google is my best friend. Always listens. Has many intelligible things to say. Makes me smarter. Always there teaching me new things. I am smitten.

• Yes, I prefer to take garbage out at 1:30am.. less chance of people witnessing my paint covered top/PJ bottoms and rubber boots. I know. Hot.

• Am such a Raccoon Mom, washing the floors at midnight, painting my bathroom at 10pm and Tweeting till all hours. Oh and uh, working too! (Can I call this work?)


Anonymous said...

your blog's a 'hoot'!!! :) i love love love it. so cute and i love that you posted videos. the munchkins are DELICIOUS!

lesley said...

linds - i love this blog - brings a smile to my face so much - sometimes i am howling....!!! keep it up i love it....xo les