Thursday, July 2, 2009

Out of the mouth of a 4-year-old

O-- I'm going upstairs for a nap now.
Yes please!!

O--We should get a candelabra.
-Oh yes, we should get one.
O--Why don't we have one?
-because we're not pirates?
O--Because I'm not a king?
-That's why.

O--All done and ready to roll.

O--Can I put you down now? Don't go away.
(Owen on the phone with my Aunt... needed to fix his Lego.
Did it a few times to her!)

-Why don't you go up to your room and play?
O--Okay but I'm gonna be a mischief maker.

O--My friends laugh at me when I do silly things.
-So he does silly things. Wonder where he gets that from?

O--Can we go to school now?
-Last day and I slept in... ooh yes I did! (related to new discovery of 'help yourself to your juice in the fridge let Mommy sleep some more' routine)

I may have made a comment regarding his striped socks/sandals choice.
O--Socks and sandals is not dorky! What does dorky mean?
-Dorky means silly looking.
O--I'm dorky. I'm dorky. I'm dorky! Indeed!

Guest submission from my Aunt:
Auntie Shellie: Owen, this is a book for you about a bird called a Roadrunner.
Owen: Thank you (pause, thinking) Auntie Shellie, do you know why it's called a Roadrunner?
A.S.: No Owen, why?
Owen: (Very seriously) because it runs on the road!! And do you know what it wears on its feet?
A.S.: No Owen, what?
Owen: (my very clever nephew) ROAD RUNNERS!!!!
A.S.: Hahaha, I howled. I'm howling again, he kills me.

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