Thursday, July 2, 2009

Weekday Musings :: June 22-26

• You let the kid play with his toy taxi at the table (again) and there's gonna be a cab full of sweet potatoe.

• Sun + summer + pool + backyard = Happy kids. Happy Mom.

• I was all... Alright inside, bedtime! March march march! Upstairs, teeth brushed, in PJs and I look at the clock and it's 6:30pm. Whoops!

• 1.5 yr old is going to manage to find my wee tubs of lip balm wherever I hide them and manage to open and rub contents all over his tummy... and the mirror.. and anything else 3' and under.

• Must teach 4 yr-old to scratch my back. Do they make those plastic hands on a stick still?

• Discovered the 'help yourself to your juice in the fridge let Mommy sleep some more' routine. Brilliant. Cured the "I want juice. I want juice. Get up Mommy! I want juice!" calls in the morning.

• If a 1.75 yr-old wants to lick Play-doh. What can you do? Maybe he'll be smart at other things.

• Sweet potatoe doesn't vacuum up so well.

• Being the full time photographer of two boys is a full time job!

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