Friday, August 28, 2009

Out of the mouth of a 4-year-old

O--This is the best dinner ever. I love handburgers.
Um no, they're actually called HAMburgers.
O--They're called handburgers cause you eat them with your hands.
Ya, okay.

Favourite 4 yr-old (no you're not having any more liquids) quote of the night... "But I'm soooooooo thirsty! I can't make spit!"

Eating Salsa: It feels like my eyeballs are on fire!

O--I'm gonna take my pants off and put them on my head!
I hear this daily.

Me: Are you purposely trying to drive me crazy today?
O--Uh, ya.

O-- You have hair on your arms. You need Smoothaway.
Wha? Ooooh. No more Teletoon Retro with commericals!

O--I'm pretending my penis is a guitar.
That's uh, awesome.

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The pale observer said...

Hey Lindsey - I love you cute take on everyday life with a 4 year old!!! I remember those days, though my boy is now 16... they grow up too fast! My guess is they still pretend their penises are guitars... :)

I will keep reading. It's nice to find some Canadian bloggers who are down to earth - and great writers like u!! I'm a 'displaced Canadian, living in Ghana for the past 12 years....

All the best

Holli in Ghana