Sunday, September 13, 2009

Weekday Musings :: Sept 7-11

• Letting boys play inside car can be fun for them. Not so fun to find 2 yr old has smeared lip balm all over the inside windows!

• Had to explain to 4-yr old why he couldn't go see those 'U2ers' with me. 'But I love the sexy boot guys' he said.

• Excited to get my SIL's body pillow after she has her baby. Sad, but happy to fill up some space in bed with me... Maybe I'll wrap it in an electric blanket and name it!!

• Seeing your two nieces on stage at the same time in a big professional musical will surely bring goosebumps and verklemptedness.

• When you stay up till 3am you may do things like forget to put the coffee pot under the lovely brewing coffee, wake up an hour after your kids and think that coffee can sustain your energy and enthusiasm.

• Every time I see the boys' fake toad in the backyard, it scares the crap out of me. Still. Ooops. Did I say crap?

• I think one of those forward to 10 people in 10 min and have good luck in 10 days may have actually worked. Who knew?

• I miss Seinfeld. Still.

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