Sunday, September 27, 2009

Weekday Musings :: Sept 14-25

• If you vacuum the 5lbs of sand out of your car, that means summer is officially over I guess.

• So glad the boys can't tell time, getting darker earlier so bedtime seems to be getting earlier as well. Hello 7pm, I love you.

• Wish my printer and scanner were working. I may have a mutiny on my hands.

• Nothing like getting a face full of fruit flies every time I open the composter. Better than the maggots all over the garbage. Will never forget than one.

• No luck talking town out of cutting down my big big tree. They own it dammit. 2 months to hatch a plan. Must look for large amount of chain on sale.

• Love the voice over for the 2010 Visa Olympic commercial... Morgan Freeman has the coolest voice.

• I would have been here sooner but... got stuck behind someone driving the speed limit.

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