Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Random Musings/Things I've learned

• Not too embarrassed when my Dad discovered my life size Brad Pitt head taped up in my bathroom cupboard. So it's where I get out of the shower and put lotion on. There was no where else for it!

• That job opening for my personal decision maker, assistant and fortune teller is still open. You will be paid in cookies.

• What do you know? Working on the couch is not very productive.

• Life sends a message: Was thinking I how would never get all my work done one night and then my 2-yr-old puked up a weeks worth of food all over us. No work was done and no lives were lost.

• Okay, searching for medical images not that fun especially when you hit the 'goiter' section. Ew.

• My 9-yr-old niece emails me all the time with I love you or What are you doing now? I send her pics almost daily of her cousins. Sometimes technology is great. Would be better if we lived down the street though.

• Sitting beside a couple of old ladies at the coffee shop does make an almost 40 girl feel young again. Blood pressure, heart pills, doctors and Florida talk.

• Shoveling your driveway and the old lady next door’s counts as a workout and deserves a cookie, right?

• Call me crazy but I just agreed to trade design work for clothes. Who needs to eat when your butt looks good in $200 jeans!?

• A wise woman once told me, "Just remember, nothing stays the same for ever." Tis true.

• Have to say unsolicited meat buying advice from men at the grocery store is always welcome. Especially after, "I want some juicy meat" is overheard from 5 yr-old.

• I'm sure there are more peaceful ways to wake up at 7am than a 2-yr-old grabbing your cheeks, putting his face in yours and yelling 'dooooooce!' (Juice)

• OMG I'm gonna be 40 in April! 40 is the new 30, right?! I sure don't feel 40 and had a nice salesman tell me he thought I was 26. I did say Salesman, right? And yes, I bought it!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You don't look a day over 29.

The Mook is suffering from a shortage of cousins. They are either in another province or children of estranged siblings or just too old to play with. Your niece is more than welcome to adopt M as a substitute cousin.

How about waking up to a kid crawling into bed with you - before the sun is even up - who farts and then throws a hissy fit because the blanket isn't covering her entirely.