Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Out of the mouth of a 5-year-old

Olympic fever around here. Go Canada Go! Is being shouted randomly throughout the day (and night) With and without visuals.

O--Stars are balls of fire, right Mommy?
Grandpa must have forgotten because he didn't know that.

O--Look Mommy, a present moon! Drop down a present, present moon!'
It's crescent sweetie.
O--So what, no present?

Just slightly proud when O has mini-freak out when I attempt to turn off a U2 song. That's my boy.

O--My head is burning. My brain is melting. I can't think.

O--Stop bossing me around
-That's my job
O-- Oh. Sorry.

O--I told my friends today that you slept with a purple teddy bear just to make them laugh.

O decided he wanted to use his Valentine money to buy an iPhone app rather than spend it on chocolate. If he were smarter he would have argued for both. He is my son but he's only 5 after all.

O-Tristan and Eli and Matthew and Tyler. Those are my best friends. And Matthew is the one that tries to kiss me all the time. He's silly.

O was NOT too happy when his brother started to throw up and all I could reach was HIS popcorn bowl. Whoops. Tears flowed, madness ensued. Needless to say I had to share my popcorn.

O--How do I be good again, Mommy? I forgot.

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