Friday, March 12, 2010

Out of the mouth of a 5-year-old

Things you shouldn't have to say to a 5 year old:
-Don't wipe you hands on your brother!
-Get your bum out of his face!
-Take that pillow off his head!
-You brother does not seem to like being called Emily!
-Do not sit on him!

O--This tastes like chocolate but better
-Your chicken noodle soup?

O--I just did a triple flip out of bed. I know how to do that you know

Just found my notes from after Christmas (a little late):
O--I think I want to be an elf when I grow up. Seems like a good job
O--Santa was my favourite character from Christmas

Best (Mama is allowed) lie of 2010 (so far).
Yes, the brown Cheerios are chocolate! (Multigrain)

O--Pretzels taste like wood
-Well don't eat them then
O--But I like wood

O standing beside my bed, 7am: Get out of bed, chop chop!

Referring to dinner:
O--This is actually really good
Translation: It's usually crap

O--I want slippers that are flip flips. I want flippers!

O--Can I have 5 cookies cause I'm 5? I know what you're going to say. Yes!
-Um, no!

O--You're silly and that's why I like you


Anonymous said...

Ha! I tried to get multi-grain cheerios into The Mook this week. Figured I would mix them up - half/half - with honey nut cheerios.

No dice. She left the dark brown ones. Ate the rest, but asked what I'd done to them.

Sandy said...

I love it!...But I like wood! These little people are so funny!