Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Out of the mouth of a 5-year-old

O--It's Easter. Can we have candy for breakfast?
-Um, no.

O--The Easter Bunny has the same eyes as Santa, right? He can see us when we're bad or good?

O--I'm so hungry I could eat all the dinosaurs that used to be alive.

O--I know why they call it and Eggloo. Because it's shaped like an egg.
-Um no, it's igloo and.... oh nevermind.

O--Is there a city in Costa Rica? Yes, You better stay there then. Nothing can eat you in a city.

I dropped stuff off at the Salvation Army and O told my Mom I had gone to the 'Dalmation Army'.

When you hear "Now it's time to make mistakes and get messy" from the other room, you actually get up this time an go see what's going down.

O playing superheros with his lil bro: How about you be Waterproof Boy and I'll be Spiderman?

O--Did you know all the rocks are old poop from the dinosaurs?

O--Oh Mommy, you spilled. That's okay cause you're the boss!

O pointing to a log cabin, look it's a catalog.
-No, it's a log cabin.
O--No! A catalog.
Son of a shopper.

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