Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Random Musings/Things I've learned

• I lost my bank card again. It was my 33rd. With 34th they mail replacement in necklace form with a chain for around my neck. #Loser

• Tired children have trouble retaining learning “because neurons lose their plasticity, becoming incapable of forming the new synaptic connections necessary to encode a memory. ... The more you learned during the day, the more you need to sleep that night.
This also applies to Raccoon Moms I assume! *Sigh*

• Proud Mom Moment of the Day: "Guess what? I can burp the alphabet!" yelled from the other room.

• In the winter, it seemed like I was having to go to the gas station constantly! Figured out why. In the cold, I just put in gas until I got too cold. Never filled up! Let's say I'm a winter wuss. I miss full serve stations!

• Really *cough* not a good idea to *cough* light incense before you *cough* workout.

• You can think you're oh so clever with the awesome plan of "If you don't eat your dinner it's lunch" the next day until you're evil plans are quashed by School Pizza Day.

• Roasting marshmallows Easter Sunday mid-afternoon gets you one more star on your Super-Cool-Fun-Mom badge!

• Can't believe I'm going to be 40 this week. It's the new 20, right? 30? Okay, maybe I'll just turn 29 for the 12th time.

• Just because the guy that told me I looked 26 and the one that said I'd make their day if I gave them my number were trying to sell me something is irrelevant!


Anonymous said...

if your head wasn't glued to your neck you'd lose that too!! ;)

Haley-O said...

*cough*!!! You look gorj! Not a DAY over 29!