Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Random Musings/Things I've learned

• You will do crazy things on a much needed vacation... like letting a cute Costa Rican boy talk you into zipping along upside down. Did I mention he was cute?

• Learned that if you only have 2 hours on the last day of your vacation to be in the sun (finally came out) you SHOULD wear sunscreen no matter what. Being red & peelie (is that a word?!) weeks later really isn't fun.

• Sitting on a plane for 7hrs burnt crispy is ever so painful. So are goosebumps when you're burnt.

• Just because you're finally 40 doesn't mean you're smart (see above).

• To avoid costly incoming calls on your cell in Costa Rica, it's best to maybe tell your Ex you've left the country.

• Giving 2 yr old too much pineapple is a mistake. (You don't want to know, trust me)

• After a late night I require 1/2 the water, double the grinds and a spoon to drink my coffee.

• Really you say? Lost another bank card!? Yes. New one will be lucky bank card #36! Need to be able to call it, like how I find my cell phone.

• Momcercise: running late and power-walking to school pulling 80+ lbs of kids & wooden wagon.

• Am a self-professed oversharer.

• My Mom brought me a coffee table for my basement and my first words were "It'll make a perfect train table!" Boys happy, my Mom, not so much.

• Totally honoured to be a part of BlogHer with all the events and parties this August. So many awesome women I admire out there that I will finally get to meet. How is this a 'Things I've learned?' Well, the online community out there ROCKS!!

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