Thursday, August 5, 2010

Random Musings/Things I've learned

• If you're going away for four days of big fun with bloggers, tweeters, events, parties, shopping, bright lights and the big city of NYC to an event called BlogHer, you should really UPDATE your blog. Welcome....

• Try not get menthol in your eye when driving! Blind!

• Tip o the day: when standing on blue box reaching overhead digging out wet crap from eaves, don't wear a v-neck shirt.

• Maggots are disgusting. That is all.

• Why is it when I use my 'not happy angry voice' at my boys, they just laugh at me?! Kinda hard to keep a 'mad face'.

• Never attempt level 3 of a workout video when you are clearly not ready just because you're bored of the instructors level 2 outfit.

• Discovered the joy of adding random things to 'To Do' list just so I could cross them off. That's so much fun! Forget cheque for bank, check! Shop without list, check! Not do laundry, check!

• Still waiting for my dream job to be posted: Coffee swilling Tweeter, work@home, must post about random stuff for excellent pay & benefits.

• Ikea ruler paper cut + antibacterial gel = ohemgee painful!

• Giving up on a 2yo and hoping he'll just go back to sleep may result in finding him sleeping on stairs. In the dark.

• Still love that kids believe me that the brown Whole Grain Cheerios are chocolate. It's like Santa Claus, right? One day I'll be in big trouble.

• I actually spill coffee almost everyday. On myself, the carpet or on my desk. I am skilled that way.

• A real friend send a text to remind you to get duty-free vodka at the border.

• Life isn't always fair, but it's still good.

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Loukia said...

Seriously, your dream job is my dream job too. Sadly, I'm still actively looking for that job to fall into my lap. No luck yet...
Was so great meeting you in NYC. I loved every second of BlogHer, except I do wish I actually had more time to talk to more people! Next year - San Diego, baby!