Monday, October 11, 2010

From the mouths of babes...

5yo: I think I'm part bat. I like the dark.

Out shopping, to 5yo: Do you want to get this today? And maybe one of these?
O--I like how you talk today, Mommy!

Passing skate park this morning, 5yo: Where are all the kids? Me: I guess they're still sleeping. 5yo: Cool kids are LAZY!!

Picking boys up at sitter an 8yo boy says to me "Is Emmett your kid?" Uh, ya. "He's cute. He's even cuter than my brother." Hah. Thanks bud!

Cleaning out the boy's ears.
Me: Digging for gold!
5yo: If you find gold then it's just a booger I stuck in there a long time ago. I want it.
Me: Ew!

5yo: Hey! There's two of you when I cross my eyes!!

5yo: What are you wondering Mommy?
Me: Why?
5yo: Because you look like you were in Wonderland.

5yo: I've changed a lot because I say please and thank you now. (yay)

Watch watch, I'm going to give myself wedgie!

5yo still calls it a 'Demolition dervy'

Me: What would you like for breakfast today?
3yo: I want candy for breakfast!
-How often will he say this and me say no! till he gets it? Persistent!

OH from the other room: Smash! Bang! Crash!
Me: Whaaaat are you doing?!
5yo: Killing an earwig!
Me: Oh, okay. Carry on!

Discussing what we are thankful for, 5yo: Thankful for my eyes, my head and my boogers... and you.
Um, thanks!


Anonymous said...

Love it. Was just thinking this morning that I hadn't read one of your lists for some time.

But what about Emmett and dolly/dahling?!

The pale observer said...

Love your tidbits - glad you're back!

LIndsey said...

Thank you guys!!

Sandy (@sandyel) said...

Why oh why do they like boogers so much?!!