Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Random Musings/Things I've learned

First of all can I say HOLY COW it's been a long long while. So much going on always and this space is completely neglected. Funny thing, instead of writing it down now, I Tweet it of make a Facebook status update about funny things that happen. And now you can download a history of Tweets and Facebook status updates... you know... or the grandkids one day! Someone asked if I could start writing again, that they missed my blog. Sweetest comment ever! I have a reader!! :)

I have learned so many things lately... especially with moving house, contractors, renovations etc. Sadly not really funny stuff. Let's keep it light, shall we??

When you need to really get up at a certain time, not just 'before the school bell rings', it's best to set phone alarm & hide across room. Much more effective than it ending up under your pillow or in the hands of a certain 3yo downstairs. Tah dah! Good morning! (Yes I sleep with my Phone. Don't judge)

Never attempt level 3 of a workout video when you are clearly not ready just because you're bored of the instructors level 2 outfit.

Staying up till 3am weeknights makes for a grumpy morning Mama.

Figured out how to make 5lbs feel like 1lb. Do first set with a 10lb one.

Aaahhh the joy of adding random things to my 'To Do' list just so I could cross them off. That's so much fun! Forget cheque for bank, check! Shop without list, check! Not do laundry, check!

Happiness isn't something you chase, it's something you are. Thanks Jane Porter!

If a tree falls in the forest does anybody hear? If you Tweet late at night does anybody read?

And it's late and I have work to do as usual but I posted... that's what counts, right?

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