Wednesday, October 12, 2011

From the mouths of babes...

I guess I should change the title to ... mouths of BOYS. Now that I have an almost 7yo and Mr 3 is 4 now!!

Again, so many notable things that happen at that moment go on Twitter or Facebook and to me are lost... I really need to keep writing again rather than sift through 17,600+ tweets and endless status updates!

Mr 3: I love you more than chocolate cake with iPhones on top.

You're a bad Mama to yourself but a good Mama to me! (This is when I take them to McD's or something and I say I'm a bad Mom for not cooking them a homemade meal or buying them another Slurpee)

Mr 6-This child-proof lid is really hard to open!

Mr 3: I all done, I don't want to get fat. (Where does this stuff come from!? Not ME! Never.)

Owen is currently starring as 'The Boy Who Cried 'Tooth!'.
"My tooth fell out!" I run over "No it didn't!"
Then "My tooth fall came out eating my apple! Ahhh, no it didn't! My tooth fell out into the bath!"
Really!? Gets Toonie ready..."Yes! Aaahh just joking!"
All day long. I'm pulling it out myself if he tries that tomorrow!

Mr3: You smell like a bunny.
Me: what does a bunny smell like?
Mr3: Chocolate!

Mr 6-cool dudes don't throw garbage
Mr 4-I'm a bad dude
Mr 6-He's gonna be a robber when he grows up.

First day of school, Mr 6 looking in the mirror: You're right Mommy, I do look good!

First day of JK:
-What did you learn today in kindergarten?
-Mr 4-I learned we don't get lunch

Mr 4-Owen says you die when you get old!!!!!!
Mr 6-You realize Grandma is 100 and she's not dead. (Don't tell my Mom!)

Mr 4-I have 2 stomachs. One for food and one for dessert.

Mr 4 as he watched his brother stub his toe on the table: 'Oooh that's gotta hurt'

Mr 6: I call that hockey team the Pipsqeek Penguins.

Me: Why are the lights on dim?
Mr 6: I like to pretend we're eating at a restaurant. They serve good meals here!
Me: You'd better tip your waitress well!

Your 4yo that decides to have a sword fight with the guy on TV… happy. Mom not happy with scratched TV screen!

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